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Providing Quality Massage in Tempe AZ for over 15 Years.

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Providing Quality Massage in Tempe AZ
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Providing Quality Massage in Tempe AZ for over 15 Years Testimonials
Independent Massage in Tempe AZ

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Free Massage in Tempe AZ

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D-Stress Zone Massage & Wellness Clinic Welcome to the D-Stress Zone Massage & Wellness Clinic. Thank you for visiting our website and for considering us as your wellness destination. On this page you will find out a little about us and how we can help you find your perfect practitioner. Once you do, you can be assured that you will receive an awesome treatment every time you come in.


Have you ever said anything like this before?

*  “I’m tired of paying for so-so massages”. “I’m looking for a massage therapist that I can stick with”.



You’re not alone!


We hear you!

We have been in this massage business for 15 years and we understand that these are the concerns that are most commonly voiced in spas and massage establishments. everywhere.   About the D-Stress-Zone-Better-Solution   About Tempe massage therapist-at-the-D-Stress-zone

Solution #1: ‘Choice’

Therapists own and run their own businesses. They want you to be their client so they will always do their best. Even better, if you really like them, you can stick with them. You can be their client for years to come wherever they are.* *

About Guaranteed Massage-D-Stress-Zone-massage-in-TempeSolution #2: ‘Risk Free’

We guarantee you will have a great experience!  If your massage is less than what you expected, we will send you a free pass to see another therapist. We have you covered every time you visit our clinic.* *

About D-Stress-Zone-Peace-of-Mind    *


Bonus Solution: ‘About our Prices’

*  Each time you try a new therapist, you qualify for their ‘First-Time Deal.’                         AZ Massage Deals       *About Massage Deals in Tempe *                                                          


                                                                  • You will continue to get great deals by using ‘Arizona Massage Deals.’ This website will give you access to great deals offered directly from therapists and their businesses.




                                                                  • Also, if you became a regular client of your therapist, you negotiate price directly with them.


                                                          About D-Stress-Zone-Great-Deals

About the Owners

About Kennedy-Family-D-Stress-ZoneThe D-Stress Zone Clinic opened its doors 15 years ago, well before the appearance of all the corporate massage franchises we see today. Over the years, the owners, Dave and Meryem Kennedy, have focused on providing their customers with the best therapists at a great price in a quiet, professional atmosphere. Dave has been a practicing massage therapist for over 24 years.  From those very first days of running the clinic, he has been focused on helping other therapists build their own practices. Over the years many D-Stress Zone therapists have gone on to have successful businesses. Meryem, in addition to running the clinic, has been a teacher for 23 years. She is currently teaching at Mesa Community College. Her skills as an educator and her love of technology have helped her work with therapists in using the tools of the trade to grow their businesses Together, their goals are to continue to provide a great place to get a massage, help therapists build their own businesses and, most importantly, raise their beautiful 4-year-old daughter, Grace.

Message from Meryem and Dave:

We would like to thank you for your interest in our business. We depend on people like you, who support independent businesses like ours and those of the therapists at the D-Stress Zone.  Please, let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience at our clinic.





Massage Therapists

Are you interested in starting or growing your own massage practice? We can help.

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D-Stress Zone Massage in Tempe AZ

D-Stress Zone Clinic

Quiet and Professional Massage in Tempe AZ

Quiet and Professional

Relaxing Massage in Tempe AZ

Relaxing Atmosphere

Spacious and Comfortable Massage in Tempe AZ

Spacious and Comfortable

Quality Treatments for Massage in Tempe AZ

Quality Treatments

Couples Massage in Tempe AZ

Couples Massage Room

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Best Massage in Tempe AZ Therapists own and run their own businesses at the D-Stress Zone so they always give you their best!

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  • Therapists average 35% with corporate massage. 35%
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 Where else can you get a free massage on your birthday and a $20 member discount on every visit? The D-Stress Zone! Providing quality massage in Tempe AZ for over 15 years.